Quick Start: Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education
About Quick Start

Keeping pace with technological advances in manufacturing has never been a greater challenge. But Quick Start can help you meet that challenge by offering the latest in training technologies, customized to your equipment and procedures.

Quick Start professionals draw on experience in a variety of industries, including metals, plastics and chemicals, to design and produce the training your employees need – from math and measurement to robotics and PLC. Software simulations and hands-on robot control devices are some of the tools instructors use to introduce production workers to the technology and their role in operating it.

Maintenance technicians, too, must stay up-to-date on new, complex manufacturing processes. They need to know how to troubleshoot and repair mechanical, electrical and automated systems in an ever-expanding and integrated manufacturing environment. Quick Start addresses this need through PLC, Variable Frequency Drive, Servo System and troubleshooting training offered to advanced manufacturing clients.

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