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Carter's / Osh Kosh B'gosh

Here to Serve the Moms of America

Project Summary:  When you press "Buy Now" on the or websites, employees at the company's distribution center in 

Braselton, Georgia get right on the task of preparing your order. 

Getting the right product to you quickly requires a 1 million+ square foot warehouse and a trained workforce of 700 people that sometimes looks like consumers darting from aisle to aisle. 

"Our associates know the each package is a direct link to Mom," says Christie Craig, manager of learning/development and communications. 

Project Highlight: New Tech
Unique Need:  Carter’s introduced a new voice-operated picking system designed to increase productivity and efficiency in the process behind the “Buy Now” button. The Voxware system implemented by Carter’s allowed for audio instruction and hands-free picking.
Quick Start Solution:  Trainers from Georgia Quick Start were able to adapt to the new technology provided by Carter’s and come up with a completely hand-crafted training solution. Employees were shown how the technology works and received training on the whole process, regardless of what step in that process they were working in. Carter’s could then flex their staff and move them where they needed to go.

Quick Start works with Carter's to ensure employees are well trained in technology and procedures no matter where they work in the operation. 

Steve Wittery, director of fulfillment at the center says, "We don't want three separate staffs in e-commerce, retail and wholesale. The basic premise of this building is that we need to flex our staff and move them where we need to as business changes across each sector."

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