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From processing raw ingredients to pulling finished products from the oven, food-related industries face unique challenges.

Your workforce requires thorough training to meet those challenges effectively.

Competition isn't the only factor in facing companies in the food industry. There is also regulation — from HAACP principals to the FDA and USDA. 

Quick Start has developed state-of-the-art training in the blending and mixing, pasteurization sampling and testing, changeover procedures, chilling, cooking, breading, frying and baking. 

Companies in the food industry also count on us to develop training in food safety, weights and measures, manufacturing processes and list vehicle operations. 

Like the services we provide across industries, our approach to your requirements in food aren't cookie-cutter. Quick Start creates them around on your unique company and challenges.

King's Hawaiian

A multi-generational Hawaiian business
selects Georgia to launch its east coast operations.

King's Hawaiian has long had a legion of passionate fans of its Hawaiian sweet rolls. Over the years, sales have spread eastward from its home base in Torrence, California.

In 2010, King's Hawaiian announced it would build an east coast facility in Oakwood, Georgia, north of Atlanta near Gainesville.

They were drawn, in part, to the culture of workers they found: family oriented, dedicated, collaborative, much like the company employed in Hawaii. 

Quick Start became a big part of training those workers for the new plant — "a bigger and richer" part of King's Hawaiian's workforce training than they have realized at first. 

Training materials developed by Quick Start included videos, job aids, classroom materials and hand-on exercises. 

Because employees can't see what's happening inside a closed oven, Quick Start's creative services team created technical drawings of the equipment to illustrate what's happening.

Now, says John Linehan, King's Hawaiian's vice president for strategy and business development, "some of the best manufacturing skills in the organization are in this building."

You're familiar with Starbucks' VIA® ready-brew product? These are individual packs of Starbucks coffee and other Starbucks products you can buy in single-serve powdered form. 

VIA is a global success for the company. Demand for VIA is so great, Starbucks searched for the right location to manufacture varieties of VIA for the booming US and global market.

They selected Augusta as the site for the $172 million dollar facility — their first dedicated to producing soluble products including the coffee base for their Frappucino® beverages. 

Quick Start helped recruit and train the workforce of 140 employees in Starbucks' technical operations process as well as immersion into the unique Starbucks culture. 

Starbucks says Augusta was selected for the plant because of the quality of life, the technical talent and the training that was available through Georgia Quick Start.

In the past 30 years, Americans have doubled their consumption of chicken. In 1974, we consumed, on average, 20 pounds per person per year. In 2004, it was 60 pounds. 

Innovation is the way chicken is sold has growth in demand, with Purdue Chicken, the leading brand of fresh chicken in the eastern US, leading the way. Now you can buy a variety of ready-made chicken foods, from chicken strips ready to heat and eat to dinosaur chicken nuggets, from pre-breaded chicken tenders to popcorn chicken. 

There's also been a huge increase in the amount of chicken sold to restaurants. 

Purdue's new plant in Perry, Georgia is meeting the demand, producing 6,000 pounds of meat per hour, from chicken patties to complicated nugget shapes. 

A $14 million investment in Georgia was followed by a $146 million plant expansion, doubling the capacity of the existing plant and creating a need for a larger skilled workforce.

Quick Start worked side by side with Purdue management, bringing a total of 1,700 new jobs to the facility. 

"I couldn't survive without Quick Start training," says Charlotte Truett with Perdue human resources. "Turnover is going down in the processing area, thanks to the two-day pre-employment training."

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