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Quick Start helps Gerresheimer help patients breathe easier.

Project Summary:  Quick Start has worked on various projects with Gerresheimer since 1993, when the Germany-based company was still known as Wilden Plastics. Gerresheimer purchased Wilden in 2007, and today has expanded its product portfolio and technology to include inhalers, insulin delivery devices, and other medical devices.

New products and technology has required Quick Start also take its training to the next level – iPads have replaced printed manuals, animations now demonstrate the use and efficacy of Gerresheimer’s products, and augmented reality is used to illustrate assembly procedures.

One significant customized training module, for example, involves In-Process Control (IPC), a method of quality control that focuses on real-time inspection of parts and equipment to ensure manufacturing is meeting necessary specifications.


Gerresheimer sees these classes, which involve detailed training on the most common defects and an extensive, and a custom-designed hands-on lab, as a direct investment in their bottom line.

Employees in the course use the same equipment they use on the Gerresheimer floor to examine actual parts manufactured in the facility. With digital reference materials, the trainees learn to recognized good parts and those containing defects like bubbles, discoloration, contamination, short shots, and component damage.

In addition to detailed training aids and classes, Quick Start has also completed several technical animations to help employees visualize what the products they make do for customers. Below is a clip from one such animation, which was used to show the function of a healthy lung.

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