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Flour Power

Project Summary:  From the beginning, when King's Hawaiian announced it would build a facility in Flowery Branch, Ga., Quick Start was one of the main ingredients.

Project Highlight: Select The Best
Unique Need:  Anyone who has ever picked up a batch of King's Hawaiian rolls at the grocery store will be familiar with the signature box they come in. But how do the employees fold those boxes efficiently and consistently?
Quick Start Solution:  Quick Start was able to work with King's Hawaiian to learn the art of the fold. From there, Quick Start's creative services team developed customized job aids that gave employees a very detailed step-by-step guide to the process.
With the process laid out plainly and visually, employees were able to turn out the boxes with blinding speed, while keeping a close eye on quality and consistency.

Quick Start's training for King's Hawaiian has touched almost every aspect of the operation. During the team-building process, Quick Start developed mock packaging lines for applicants, allowing company experts to observe their collaboration skills in action — essential for ensuring each new hire would be a good fit for the company's culture.

Food companies have unique requirements designed to keep their products safe and healthy. That's why employees in this industry have to go beyond usual plant safety principles, learning UDA Handling Food Safely, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), and other food-safety practices.

Watch King's Hawaiian's Story:

Training materials developed by Quick Start for King's Hawaiian included videos, job aids, classroom materials, and hands-on exercises. Also, because it's impossible for employees to watch what's happening inside a closed baking oven or proofing box, Quick Start's creative services team created technical drawings of the equipment with sections cut out in order to illustrate what's happening on the inside.

King's Hawaiian
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