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Making NIBCO's Manufacturing Training Dreams a Reality

Project Summary:  NIBCO was in the middle of a peak season. The maker of PVC products was also in the middle of an expansion of its Greensboro, Ga., facility that required the on-boarding and training of new employees. Question: how does a busy company accommodate workforce training without interrupting critical operations? Answer: Quick Start.

Quick Start’s customized training has a proven track record. What isn’t as well-known are some of the ways Quick Start develops the training without having to bring operations to a halt.

“All of this is taking place while our business runs, “ said Doug Purnell, NIBCO plant manager. “Not only has Quick Start been able to provide training to our existing associates, but as we onboard new associates, Quick Start has been able to meet that need, too.”

For NIBCO, Quick Start’s ability to collect resources, develop material, and deliver training without interrupting the manufacturing process is crucial.

“Quick Start has been an invaluable resource for this factory, and I’ve been very impressed with what the State has to offer businesses,” said Purnell. “I don’t think we could have done it without them.”

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