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Assess for Success

Project Summary: NIFCO KTW is a company known for its quality. Its parts are found in some of the most well-known cars in the world. One of the ways they maintain their commitment to quality is a rigorous regimen of visual inspection. Employees responsible for inspecting these parts must have great attention to detail. Georgia Quick Start helps NIFCO KTW hire the best employees for the job by running a detailed pre-employment assessment.

“The pre-employment assessment has been very successful. We’ve been able to identify a lot of very well-qualified candidates that were able to move onto the interviews because of those initial assessments,” said Lakie Meeks, NIFCO KTW America HR Generalist. “That’s been very instrumental in our hiring process and made it much more efficient.”

This assessment goes beyond resumes and cover letters and gives the applicants tasks that they would face on the floor at NIFCO KTW. From tracking inventory to visually inspecting mock parts, Quick Start’s assessment gives NIFCO KTW a look at how its applicants would fare in the jobs.

But the partnership doesn’t end there. Quick Start is training NIFCO KTW employees on topics such as safety and logistics, as well as job-specific training on the machines and processes they will encounter on the floor.

And that level of training has helped NIFCO KTW take off in Georgia.

“We are not even in full-series production yet and have already started an expansion. And we’ve already spoken to Quick Start about how to continue that partnership from our startup phase into an expansion phase,” says Meeks. “NIFCO KTW sees a very bright future here in the State of Georgia, and with the Quick Start program in particular."

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