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Toyo Tires

Profits Came Quicker Due to a Trained Workforce

Project Summary:
No matter the road, Toyo Tires being out the best in sports cars, luxury sedans, light 

trucks, SUVs, CUVs and commercial trucks. 


In June 2004, Toyo chose Bartow County in northeast Georgia as its US manufacturing base. Getting the plant up and running required 400
trained workers.

Quick Start was proud to play a role by providing technical training and tools. 

With Quick Start's help in advanced technical training and tools, Toyo was able to achieve profitability within 18 months
of opening. 

Toyo says Quick Start training shortened the learning curve. "A big part of our successful startup has been because of Quick Start's help. What Quick Start has done for us is phenomenal."

Project Highlight: Job Aids
Unique Need:  Toyo’s plant is designed for small-lot production, allowing it to rapidly respond to the changing needs of the U.S. tire market. Employees have to be able to troubleshoot a wide range of machines with as little down time as possible, and were spending too much time flipping through paper manuals. 
Quick Start Solution:  Quick Start literally threw away the manual, creating searchable, computer-based job aids available to machine operators throughout the plant.
Instead of paging through a paper manual to figure out how to troubleshoot a twitchy machine, Toyo employees can type in a search term and a computerized database will quickly show them — in photos, words, animations and even video — how the machine’s process works, and where and how to correct a problem.
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