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The Famous Name in Aviation Calls Georgia Home

Project Summary:  In 2006, with demand on the rise for its aircraft, Gulfstream Aerospace management decides the time is right to expand production. Wait times for delivery of a new Gulfstream exceed four years after order, so ramping up delivery as quickly as possible was a priority.

A longtime fixture in Savannah, Gulfstream officials considered several locations for the $400 million facility as well as a massive new 570,000 square foot service center. Their focus was on workforce development. 

Gulfstream's requirements were demanding: in addition to a large number of production workers, they required a ready supply of engineers. 

The market for their aircraft was there. But would they be able to find enough of the right employees to meet demand?


Alerted to the opportunity, Quick Start developed a comprehensive training program linking Savannah Technical College and Gulfstream, and as a result of studying the plan, the company chose to expand in Savannah.​

To get the workforce training started right away, Quick Start’s training professionals met with the Gulfstream team to define the core competencies needed for various positions.


Meanwhile, Savannah Tech prepared a diverse set of Technical Certificate of Credit programs to address long-term workforce needs of the aviation and aerospace industry that is booming in the Savannah area.

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