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Decision… GEORGIA!

Quick Start’s training can make the difference between success and failure. That’s why
many companies consider Quick Start to be the deciding factor when choosing Georgia.

“I’ve done five new plant startups in five different states in the Southeast, and Georgia’s the only one that actually provided the resources like Quick Start does.” 

– Toyo Tire North America Manufacturing, Inc.

“Above all things, Quick Start’s services to us were a critical factor in the decision to build our plant here in Georgia.”    

– Hyundai DYMOS

When we were going through the very rigorous process of site selection, one of the things that attracted us to Georgia … was the availability of a skilled workforce, and that’s got to be supported by a world-class training program. …Quick Start was a big differentiator.”

– Starbucks

 “Quick Start has been very valuable. Between the production process and the cross-cultural training, Quick Start has given our employees a very good foundation for the work they will be doing and the environment in which they will be doing it.” 


“The Quick Start program for us was one of the key determinants. As we look at what the different site locations bring, Quick Start was an enormous part of our decision-making process.” 

– Baxter International (now Shire)

“We didn’t come here to Carrollton by accident. We looked at 75 to 100 locations for expansion over the last three years. But the decision to come here was really pretty easy to make. ... I’d especially like to express my appreciation for the Georgia Quick Start program that facilitated the training of more than 100 of our local employees.” 

– Trident Seafoods

“I think [the Quick Start courses] are great. Especially for any new company coming into Georgia, if they don’t take advantage of the opportunity, I think they’re really missing out. It’s a great resource that I think a lot of companies don’t know about.” 

– Inalfa Roof Systems

“We have a complex and training-intense process with the latest in tire-building technology. Quick Start has not only understood our needs, but has worked with us to develop specific job aids and process specific training to support our ongoing production operation. We see Quick Start as a primary benefit to those businesses like ours, who make the wise decision to place their operations in Georgia.” 

Kumho Tire

“The relationship we have with Quick Start is characterized by the quality of the work, the quality of the relationship, and the can-do attitude from anybody that I’ve come into contact with. We’re grateful to have a partner that is vested in our success, the success of the community and really the success of our people. We couldn’t be happier with what’s going on.” 

– King's Hawaiian

“What we have learned is the name Quick Start really is the difference. It’s not that any manufacturing organization can’t start on its own, but Quick Start accelerates it. And that’s the key piece. Whatever the expectations may be, Quick Start, I'm certain, would exceed the expectation. They're very driven to deliver, and they're driven to excel.”

– Alcon

“For us, Quick Start was a godsend. We were able to provide Quick Start the equipment our employees would be using, and they built a training plan for us based on what we gave them. I give Quick Start five stars across the board.” 

– Premium Peanut

“Our basic quality standard is zero defects. ... Quick Start's videos provide a method of training that assist us in meeting that target. It's been wonderful from the start, the relationship we've had with Georgia Quick Start. We couldn't have done it without them.” 

– Hyundai Powertech

"Quick Start is redefining the term 'partnership.' It's part of a perfect solution to creating jobs.” 

– Carter's

“Quick Start has been key to the growth we are seeing in the Columbus area. Any new opportunity or major modification, Quick Start has been there, truly showing they're a partner in our organization. You know that when you partner with Quick Start, you are going to get a solid return in that partnership. We have a saying: 'TIVA – Trusted, Innovative, Vibrant, and Agile.' I would say that Quick Start fits each one of those adjectives.” 


“Our team members remember Quick Start training as their 'ah-ha' moment — when they began to understand the automotive cycle. I want all of our employees to get Quick Start training, because they train on the same equipment and the same layout as we have here, and after Quick Start training, they can work like a person with experience.” 

– Hyundai MOBIS

“Quick Start is a great program for Blue Bird as we hire new employees at a fast pace. We've been overjoyed with the results.” 

– Blue Bird

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