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NCR Corporation

The Training Heard 'Round The World

Project Summary:  When NCR moved its headquarters to Duluth, Georgia, they also opened a new manufacturing facility and expanded their existing customer service center.

From new management jobs in its Duluth headquarters, to advanced manufacturing hires in Columbus, and customer service representatives in Peachtree City, NCR had a huge job on its hands to train the staff it needed. That's why they turned to Georgia Quick Start.  Quick Start was able to build a "visual factory" inside of the Columbus plant to help train workers on the NCR product, worked with the customer service team, and offered in-depth leadership and management training for the new managers at headquarters.

The leadership training provided was built around NCR's central mission and vision, as well as the separate training that the company's top-level executives were undergoing.

Watch NCR's Testimonial to Quick Start:
Project Highlight: Engaging Jobs
Unique Need:  NCR had a vision for the sort
of company culture it wanted to create in Georgia. What it needed was a way to take that culture from the top-level executives and bring it to fruition in the managers and workers.
Quick Start Solution:  Quick Start's training for mid-level management didn't stop at communication skills or effective delegation.
It also included teaching managers how to create an environment that engages the employees and fosters the  company's culture.
The engagement training included sections
on identifying key facets of employee engagement and how managers could harness a conducive environment to positively affect the bottom line. As well, the creation of a workable Action Plan helped them implement the necessary changes in their own management techniques. 
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