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Adapting Process Training to New Technology

Project Summary: 
Triumph's work constructing composite components for aircraft requires the use of constantly evolving technology.

So when they announced the largest expansion to their facility in its history, Triumph knew it could call on Georgia Quick Start to develop a customized workforce training program to get new employees up to speed on brand new equipment.

Quick Start worked closely with Triumph to assess the needs of the company, and built a training program that taught new employees the 

Triumph process and gave them hands-on experience working with the company's state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. This in-depth training gave Triumph's new hires the skills necessary to jump right into the manufacturing process on Day 1.

New technology requires innovative training, and Quick Start was able to deliver the
best training available for Triumph's employees.  

Project Highlight: Mobile Training
Unique Need:  Triumph's expansion was centered around its new, innovative technology at the heart of its manufacturing process. Triumph needed hundreds of new employees that could use that technology without delaying production for training in
the new facility.
Quick Start Solution:  Instead of waiting for the facility expansion to wrap up, Quick Start built customized mobile training labs. These pods let Triumph's new employees go through the manufacturing process and get real-world experience on Triumph's machines without stepping foot in the facility. This allowed Triumph to pick up manufacturing at full capacity as soon as the facility expansion
was complete.
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